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My new life in Cyprus in images and words. I'm a British 50 something female, originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) and came to live in Limassol, Cyprus in March 2004. This is my photo blog about my new life as an expat on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Plus other things which catch my attention every once in a while…. Enjoy!


We’re front page news – cover photo on Cyprus Living Magazine

Yep, we’re feeling really pleased just now as one of our CyprusPictures flickr account photos has been chosen for the front cover of Cyprus Living Magazine (Paphos based) November issue. :-)

Not only that, for the very first time the magazine has now been published online, which means our photo will get even more coverage!

Soooo, which photo is it?
It’s this one, a particular favourite of mine, of a broken wooden staircase outside an old village house in the village of Vouni.

Wooden staircase, village house, Vouni village, Cyprus

Broken wooden staircase at Vouni village, Limassol

The photo was taken (with numerous others) during a day out with special friends on 1st October 2014 (Cyprus Independence Day). As always on a public holiday, we try to get out and about with friends and it usually involves a stop for lunch somewhere along the way.

Our first stop was the original village (now abandoned) of Pano Kivides in the lower foothills of Troodos. Due to high danger of landslides, the residents of Pano Kivides felt it was safer to move to an alternative position and so a new village was built a little lower down the Erimi to Omodos Road. You can see it on the right hand side of the road where the road humps are in abundance after you have passed the Souni village turnoff on the E601.

Some of our photos below from the village of Pano Kivides. The church of St George is the one building which shows real signs of life and it is still used for services.

Pano Kivides abandoned village
Pano Kivides abandoned village
Pano Kivides abandoned village

Next stop was the village of Vouni, which is very much inhabited. It was good to be able to take the time to wander around on foot as driving in the narrow streets is extremely difficult. We hadn’t been to Vouni Village for many years and we noticed a number of improvement had/were being carried out. Unfortunately, because of the public holiday we struggled to find anywhere for our lunch stop…

Vouni village, Limassol, Cyprus
Vouni village, Limassol, Cyprus
Vouni village, Limassol, Cyprus

So, nowhere nearby for lunch meant we were heading for our favourite local lunch spot in the sunshine… off we went to the Kourion Beach Restaurant on the shores of the Mediterranean below the ancient Roman ruins of Kourion ampitheatre.

Curium Beach, Episkopi, Limassol – Cyprus

Curium Beach, Cyprus

For more photos of our day out check out the Cyprus Independence Day flickr album.

You can view the online version here of the Cyprus Living Magazine

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Highlights of Malta – Days 1 and 2

A photo diary of our recent holiday to Malta (3 October to 10 October 2014).



Usually we only visit Malta in Winter (late February/early March) but this time we travelled with our close friends, Helen & Dave who have never been to Malta before. We were hoping they would like it as we’re aware it’s one of those places that you either love, hate or can be completely indifferent to. However, we think they both liked it and now they’ve found out there are a number of cruises which depart from Valletta harbours, I think it may not be too long before they make their way back there.

Day 1 – our arrival in Malta was the smoothest we’ve ever had!
After a two and a half hour flight with Emirates from Larnaca airport we landed at Malta and the first thing was to make a bee line for the public loos, of which there were only 2 in the Ladies room :-(
Making our way to luggage belt No 4 we were very pleased to see our bags coming round to us as one of the first in the queue. On reaching the arrivals hall, we were greeted immediately by James from Star Tourist Services with our mini-bus transfer. He recognised us rather than us having to look for our name – amazing! It just goes to show how social media plays a huge part in today’s world as the only time we’ve “met” in the past are on Facebook.

So after a 40 minute transfer to our hotel (Il-Palazzin) in Qawra one of the first things we did was to head off for a quick tour of the resort to help our friends get their bearings as well as putting our hotel location into some perspective from the bus station to “The Square” at Bugibba and the seafront. It’s a confusing area and takes a few days to suss out the best routes on foot to various places.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the new National Aquarium up and running with a very nice cafe/lido area at the Cafe del Mar. There appeared to be some kind of a private function taking place so I just grabbed a couple of photos from the promenade.

Malta - Day 1 Qawra

Day 2 – first views from our balcony and on foot around St Julian’s/Spinola Bay to Sliema ferries.

View from Room 316 before heading for breakfast

Malta - Day 2 Il Palazzin Hotel, Qawra

Below are some of the sights we came across along the way from hopping off the bus at Spinola Bay and en route to Sliema.


Malta - Day 2 St Julian's to Sliema ferries

Passing the time of day

Malta - Day 2 St Julian's to Sliema ferries

Decorative window ledge – near Sliema

Malta - Day 2 St Julian's to Sliema ferries

Old Ford truck – near Sliema

Malta - Day 2 St Julian's to Sliema ferries

Apparently, this is the oldest street in Sliema but don’t take my word for it, that’s what we were informed.

Malta - Day 2 St Julian's to Sliema ferries

Water taxi from Sliema to Valletta – there’s definitely rain in that sky :-(

Malta - Day 2 St Julian's to Sliema ferries

More to follow soon but if you’re keen to see more photos – please feel free to visit my Flickr album

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Catching up – life in Cyprus is becoming a blur.

Taking a look back here on my blog and I realised that time has simply flown by since I made my last blog post in August!

The weeks seem to fly by and the weekends disappear even more quickly :-(

So, rather than bombard my readers and followers with a load of posts all at once – you’re going to get a photo diary of what we’ve been up to since Miss Kathy left us for her journey back to the UK and then on to her new life in the Channel Islands on Jersey.

Here we go:

June 2014
Sunday afternoon and Father’s Day – what better to do with it than take an afternoon stroll around the New Limassol Marina, taking in the atmosphere and enjoying a chilled fruit smoothie and watching the small world of #Cyprus go on with its’ business.

Palm tree lined seafront

Boats and Yachts at Limassol New Marina

Cypriot Restaurant

July 2014
A weekend in Kakopetria village with an overnight stay at the Linos Inn, a traditional but renovated Cypriot village house in Palea Kakopetria (old Kakopetria) in the Troodos foothills of Cyprus.

Linos Hotel & Inn, Kakopetria village

Palea Kakopetria, Cyprus

Palea Kakopetria, Cyprus

Around Kakopetria village, Cyprus

We stayed in the old part of the village which we were totally unaware of before making our hotel reservation, even after having visited Kakopetria several times over the last 10 years.
A very nice place and full of character. There are some beautifully renovated houses offering self-catering or bed & breakfast accommodation. Try it!

August 2014
In search of the Venetian Bridges of Cyprus – we’ve heard of them but never seen them, although we’ve spotted many small stone bridges during our car journeys around Cyprus over the years.
Today on Assumption Day (15 August) we went on Dave’s Big Adventure in search of the Olive Bridge (Elias Bridge) built on the river Foinioti via the Paphos Forest dirt road. Then heading in the direction of Paphos, we later came across Tzielefos Bridge which is pretty spectacular. It was busy and the ice-cream van was doing a roaring trade.

In the Paphos Forest, Cyprus
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