Cyprus Life – in pictures vs Fylde Coast Musings

Our new life in Cyprus began in early March 2004. Originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) we moved overseas spending a glorious 12 years in Limassol. Feel free to read my posts and view my many #photosofCyprus. However in 2016 we had to return permanently to UK due to family ill health. We're now living on the Fylde coast where the river Wyre meets the Irish sea in the north west of England. More places for us to discover as this part of the UK is not so familiar to us either.


Fylde Coast Musings – a voyage of #discovery through #photography

So, it’s a little over 3 months since we arrived back in UK after our 12 years sojourn in Limassol, Cyprus…. and boy, isn’t life different!

Firstly, the weather:
How crap is the Great British weather  😦
We’ve been terribly spoiled during our 12 summers in “Sunny Cyprus” where after 3 months in UK and looking back makes me think the sun must have shone every day. Okay, they reckon on average Cyprus has 340 days of sunshine and yep, I reckon that’s about right!

In UK however, completely the opposite – we must have 340 days of rain here!
Put it this way, for every sunny day we’ve had so far since our return it seems to be we get 2 – 3 rainy or miserable days….. we’ve just experienced 3 rather pleasant sunny days on the trot with a temperature of around 22 degrees Celsius. That was Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We were promised it from Monday but that weather forecast fell on deaf ears and it was cloudy until rather late in the afternoon.


Today (Friday) we’ve woken up to wind and rain at around 07:00hrs. It’s still raining, still windy right now at 12:26hrs – with, get this…. a whole 15 degrees Celsius.
Photo: taken just now from my desk by the window…


This weather pattern is due to follow for the next few days, or shall I say that according to my mobile phone weather app, we’re stuck with it until Wednesday of next week!


As the saying goes “make hay whilst the sun shines” and that’s what we’ve been doing! We bought ourselves a little motor after about 6 weeks or so from our return. We’re sticking with the “Greek” theme here and purchased a sweet Kalos 1.4SX produced by Chevrolet. It’s already taken us on several journeys around our new locality.

The Kalos performs well, it even has air-conditioning (yeah, yeah I know…. we’re not likely to be using that much). Sadly, it’s a manual gearbox which is a bit of a dampner, for me anyway – but hubby is happy enough with that. She even has alloy wheels, Woo Hoo 🙂

Here she is on our drive…. we haven’t christened her yet. We love the colour!


We’ve journeyed as far as Morecambe, Lancashire so far – but we have a bigger journey coming up at the weekend when we will make our way to Manchester for a friends’ birthday celebration.

Where we’ve been to date:


Sunny Morecambe


Bilsborrow near Garstang


Owd Nells & Guys Thatched – Bilsborrow


Eric Morecambe in Sunny Morecambe


Marton Mere holiday park (a stop off in the middle of DIY shopping)


Blackpool and The Big One


Skippool Creek near Thornton Cleveleys


The City of Lancaster


The City of Lancaster


Cleveleys and the RAF Red Arrows


Glasson Dock


Glasson Dock canalside


Church at Glasson Dock


Got my “Cemetery Fix” at Glasson Dock


Loving It In Lytham


Loving It In Lytham


Windy Harbour caravan park – at the end of the M55


Wrea Green


Wrea Green

In case you’re wondering whereabouts in the world we now live – it’s a little place unknown to most people, unless you’re from the North West of UK. We’re on the mouth of the Wyre Estuary where the river Wyre meets the Irish Sea – directly across the river from Fleetwood, the village of Knott End on Sea, Lancashire.

Knott End on Sea

Putting Knott End on Sea on the map

High Tide on the River Wyre, Knott End on Sea (3)

Knott End Cafe by the ferry jetty

High Tide on the River Wyre, Knott End on Sea (5)

Knott End View of Fleetwood

High Tide on the River Wyre, Knott End on Sea (8)

Knott End Jetty – where the river meets the sea

High Tide on the River Wyre, Knott End on Sea (24)

River Wyre and Fleetwood by the public footpath access across Knott End Golf Course.


Time Is Running Out

This may very well be my final post about “Cyprus Life” although the pictures will still be there for many years to follow…. But, in less than 2 weeks time our Cyprus Life will have changed and it will be back to UK life for us 😦

Sad….. but needs must. My father is sick and as such hasn’t been able to travel to visit us in Cyprus since February 2013.

Here’s me (in the green/teal coloured fleece top) with my parents ahead of me in Limassol old town, close to St Andrews Street  during an “around town walk” on their last visit:


My dad was showing the onset of his Parkinson’s disease then with that stoop over to the right side. Little did we know how quickly it would take hold of him….

Three years down the line and he cannot walk more than half a dozen steps unaided, finds it difficult to manage his wheeled zimmer frame and most outdoor activities all feature his new addition, a wheelchair.

June 2015 – me and my hubby took a holiday back to the UK and had 5 or 6 days to spend with my parents. We were fairly lucky with the weather so we did manage to get about a bit and my Dad was just about walking (with assistance) using his frame:

An afternoon watching the bowling at the local Working Men’s Club:


Dad’s name on the list of Presidents Cup winners in 1994:


Pilling Pottery tea rooms – another sunny day:


We got a little “Blackpool time” to ourselves too:



However, we were aware that things weren’t going to improve in both of my parents’ lives so we had to start doing some serious thinking. A few things were sorted out back home to make matters a bit easier for us all and then we started to mull over how we could make things work.

On our last visit to Blackpool and my parents’ home at the end of January 2016 we spent a week solid just looking at properties in the Blackpool area. We found one quite by accident on our third day, even to the point of having an offer accepted and a surveyors appointment booked – only to be let down late on a Friday afternoon by the vendors who decided instead of cancelling the second viewing from someone else as they had promised, they chose to accept a higher offer.

After that it all went a bit skew wift and steadily downhill for us as we were just starting to relax thinking we had it all sorted and having the best part of our 2nd week to spend time with my parents…. but, no – the greedy  vendors (Antony Mullany and Patrick Kane) had thwarted that for us too 😦

One positive outcome though was that all the other estate agents told us we were better out of that particular area of Blackpool so in that respect, it sounds like Grasmere Road in FY1 had been a lucky escape 🙂 Unfortunately, it didn’t solve our problem of being able to find a place we could call our own and to spend a little time there as necessary until we were in a position to implement our move.

The next couple of days were a bit of a blur and the weather went a bit grimmer to boot so after traipsing around Blackpool south and looking at yet more properties in areas that weren’t familiar to us – we took the brave decision to look “over the water”.

View from Fleetwood Ferry jetty – over the water…..

Fleetwood to Knott End

This was something we’d always said we didn’t want to do as public transport was not so easily come by and we didn’t want to have to go to the expense of buying a car at the outset. We always thought Over Wyre may have been a bit too low key for us but, it was familiar and not only that, a lot safer than some of the streets we had come across during our house hunting along North shore in Blackpool. On top of that, property prices were higher than those we had been looking at and we weren’t even sure we could find anything within our budget!

So with a little trepidation we entered the property search and  were pretty surprised when three houses popped up – one just under the budget and two others which were higher but not entirely out of reach. A visit to the parents’ house on Sunday morning came as a bit of a shock to them when we dragged my Mum out to help us seek out the said three houses.

One was already marked up on the For Sale board with Under Offer so that one went out of the window straightaway. The other was a stroll heading away from the centre of the village and when we did find it, we realised that although it was very nice and in fabulous condition – it was just too small for us.
The other….. well, we couldn’t locate it and the estate agents office was closed.
(I can’t understand why the majority of the estate agents closed their offices on Sunday) :-/

Anway, we started again…. back to the estate agents window and peered closely at the property details seeking out any noticeable features we could find.

Barton Square

Bingo! Walking back up and down the road, we eventually found it… no For Sale sign, which is why we initially missed it 😉

Luckily, we managed to catch the vendors in a little later in the afternoon and a deal was struck. Estate agents were contacted first thing on Monday morning and we even managed to salvage our previously cancelled survey appointment on the Grasmere Road house and re-jigged it to the new one. Things were finally looking up!

Tuesday afternoon: survey was completed and we were eagerly sitting in the bar at the hotel we were staying at in Blackpool, awaiting a phone call and an emailed report.

The phone call came – all was good!
The survey report (all 30 odd pages of it) eventually came through the email about an hour later…. yes, the WiFi was very slow!

The house was going to be ours!

The rest has been a few fraught weeks of waiting and cajoling the relevant bodies along but we now have a Completion date. Our shippers are booked and our belongings will be packed into our container next week.

The dogs have their flights all booked, rabies vaccinated and their travel passports are almost complete:

Pet Passports

We’re all booked too! The dogs really have no idea what’s happening, all they know is something is up and “stuff” keeps disappearing into boxes. All we hope now is that their journey all goes according to plan as our “old boy” Indie is getting on in years  – he came with us to Cyprus back in 2004 when he was a year old so he’s now 13yrs, a bit wobbly on his back legs and a lot greyer than he used to be.

Indie as a puppy back in 2003:

Indie 2003

When we arrived in March 2004, we walked into a totally empty house knowing full well we would have to wait around 7 days for our shipping container to arrive. Luckily, we had a couple of friends (Louise (taking the photo) and hubby Sean) to share the experience – and the house with, to help pass the time. The first thing we needed was something to sit on and eat off…. a patio table set was the immediate purchase because we knew it would be something useful for the coming summer. We still have it – and, it’s coming back with us!

This was our first night “at home” in Cyprus (it was bloody freezing):

Cyprus March 2004

Our new local area: to the right of the golf course (see image below) is the banking of tidal river Wyre and at the bottom (off the picture) is the Irish sea.

Knott End Golf Club - and our new house

Knott End Ferry to Fleetwood

Look who’s coming with us!

Here’s “Ruby” 🙂


And the old boy “Indie”

Indie 2016

Bye, bye Cyprus – we’ve had some great times!

Cyprus street April 2014

If you want to see some of the fun times we’ve had along with the friends we’ve made and the places we’ve explored – take a look at my thousands of #photosofCyprus on Flickr


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How woeful is our beloved Curium Beach, Cyprus this year.

The winter storms seem to have made a particular mess of Curium Beach at Limassol (Episkopi Bay) – lots of small stones on what used to be fine strips of sand as well as big pebbles.

Chris Blue Beach has made a bit of an effort to clear those from in front of their restaurant (well, they had to given the money they’ve spent on their new facelift) but there are still lots of stones at the edges of the sea if you want to wade in barefoot and they’ve made little or no effort where the sunbeds are to the side of the restaurant.

If the tide is up there’s little place left to plonk your deck chair without being on the pebbles by the restaurants. For the last 2 summers’ we’ve gone further away from the restaurants (before you get to them, not too far from the gate to the riding stables on the sea road) but even this late in the season, it’s not always easy to get anywhere on the sand…. none of the pebbles have been cleared or washed away.

So as a change of venue, we’ve been visiting Ladies Mile Beach by Akrotiri and as long as it’s not too windy a day – the beach is lovely. It’s all sand, no pebbles and fabulously clear, shallow seas to walk into. There are kids inflatables and slides at a number of the restaurants along the beach and this year, we’ve been going at the side of the Oceania Club Bar.

It’s a great place for spotting the Trooper as it comes and goes at Akrotiri RAF base, as well as the helicopters going through their practice runs.

The other week, we were treated to the sight and sound of 2 of the tornados taking off as we drove through the outskirts of the RAF base as we passed alongside of the salt lake 😀

A few photos from our recent trips (some from my camera and others by phone):

A spot of kayaking – my first and last time (I ended up in hospital the weekend afterwards and I lay all the blame on this “sport”)

Helicopter spotting over the salt lake behind the beach:

Ladies Mile Beach, Akrotiri peninsula:

Oceania Club Bar and beachfront

This is the part we go to, between the beach club and the boat launch area:

This is what we’re used to seeing at Curium Beach:

😦 This is now the reality:

I rather think we got spoiled by this on our recent visit back to UK: