Fylde Coast Musings vs Cyprus Life – in pictures

Originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) we moved overseas at the beginning of March 2004 and spent the next glorious 12 years in Limassol, Cyprus. Sadly, in 2016 we had to return permanently to UK due to family ill health. We now live on the Fylde coast where the river Wyre meets the Irish sea just across from Fleetwood. More places to discover and capture on camera!

Websites I Love

A list of some of my favourite blogs, websites and online reading matter….
Don’t forget to check out my own thoughts and  comments on other individual page entries that are not listed here. You can find them in the Websites I Love Post Category at the right hand side of any page on my CyprusLifeInPictures blog.

About Return of the Eighties – let’s go back in time right now!
How much do you remember about the 80’s then? What movies were around, favourite TV shows, toys & games or how about sweets? A few to whet your appetite: Ghostbusters, Knight Rider, Kerplunk and Spangles sweets…. Are you ready for some more? Then check out the shop: returnofthe80s

Beers and Beans – a travel website.
There’s always something on this website that grabs my attention as I am catching up on the latest Twitter posts from my “follows” @CyprusPictures. Today, I found a fabulous story from Josh Aggers who decided to join friends sailing from Italy and around the Mediterranean and their connection with a waterspout! If you want something interesting to read and give you a taste for travel with a difference – check out Beers and Beans.

The Cookery School – Cyprus (Akrounta, Limassol)
I’m really not into cooking. My other half Clement, does the cooking in our house so for those who know me personally will wonder why on earth I’m posting about this particular website…. But, it’s such a cool idea, I just had to share it with you! Cookery courses and workshops for teenagers (aged 13 years and above) and adults. Learn a new skill with a group of no more than 6 persons, sit and eat your new creation with a glass of wine or take home the results to your family and friends! Why not try it while you’re on holiday in Cyprus?

StampBoards – Where Philatelists Meet
There’s an absolute wealth of knowledge on here as they’ve been around for quite some time now. They can also be a bit crazy but I put that down to the blunt and straightforward Aussie approach. They love images and are perfectly happy for you to post them as long as they are relevant to the topic. Hmmm, but they do have a number of rules and regulations so make sure you read them first. No slang, no text talk and you must write in English are just a few that spring to mind! If you sell on eBay, make sure your entries are up to scratch as this lot are well and truly on the ball. They will pick holes in just about everything and if you’re one of those “dodgy dealers” well, the forum members will already have your number 😀

Discount Bike Spares – UK based but dispatches to Europe and Worldwide.
Genuine Suzuki parts at discounted prices. Specialists in RG, GT and AT models. A great looking website, very informative and fab feedback from happy customers 🙂

Stamp Bears Forum – friendly and informative website for fellow stamp collectors / philatelists.
A forum where you can look for, ask for or simply share the knowledge. Get yourself introduced now or pay a visit and have a read. They’re a friendly bunch!

My String Dolls – I love it, I think….
I love the look and feel of this particular website but what I can’t quite get my head round is whether I actually love the products? I’m not exactly what you might call a “doll” person but I have kept all of my childhood teddy bears. As these dolls aren’t made of the usual plastic or porcelain they’re sort of in a half way postion for me as they’re made with string! Have a look and make up your own mind. Some great designs and we all know just who the Pirate Captain is modelled on!

Cake Stand Heaven – fabulous website, great design and some cool ideas.
Revive the great British tea party! Dust off your vintage china, get the kettle on and while you’re at it why not check out the excellent cake stands available on this website? 2 and 3 tier matched fine china plates or mixed by matching colours and patterns.  Time for a brew, methinks 🙂
Update: Cake Stand Heaven was recently featured on the BBC TV programme “MasterChef

Melanie’s Menagerie – seriously scary!
Hmmmm, this avid crafter most definitely has a problem. By her own admission she is an avid crafter who loves searching yard sales and resale shops for vintage and retro items. But there’s more to her than meets the eye 🙂  Check her out!

Middle Rhine Tours – takes me right back to my “biker girl” days in my early 20’s 🙂
Choose from quality guided and unguided motorcycle touring holidays in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe.  Tours are based in the picturesque German town of Boppard, on the banks of the river Rhine which is an ideal location for access to the stunning scenery around the Rhine Valley and some of the best motorcycling roads anywhere. An excellent website and fandabbydozy idea. If you don’t believe me, then certainly the Testimonials page speaks for itself!

Rural Retro – something for everyone.
A true treasure trove of vintage and retro collectables. Like all the best treasure troves, the stock is stacked a little haphazardly but rooting out something unique and wonderful hiding at the back of the shelf is half the fun! You can find studio pottery, glass, homewares, small furniture items and lots more…..

The Miss Adventure Journals – the adventures of a modern explorer and her 1930s counterpart.
Or that’s how Siobhan describes it! Originating from Scotland Siobhan got carried away with all things “Disney” from an early age whch later turned into wanderlust by the looks of it. After spending time living and working in USA and Japan she is now currently working in Egypt.  Check it out and I bet you can’t read it without smiling!

Designer Shoes, Not Designer Prices – need I say more?
It’s every woman’s dream to be able to find the right pair of shoes or handbag ensemble for that special occasion. If you’re off to a posh wedding but don’t want to pay top whack then this website should be the first stop you make. Bet you don’t go any further after checking out their wares! Enjoy the choice….

Crazy About Magazines – not really my “thing”, but I do so love this website.
An amazing choice of back issue magazines including celebrity, entertainment, vintage fashion magazines, music, movies, royalty, television, women’s, men’s plus lots more. What’s more is if they don’t have the one you’re looking for you can contact them and they will track it down for you. Now that’s what I call service!
Well done on the @TheoPaphitis #sbs RT on twitter – 18th December 2011 🙂

Wild In The Pantry – is a Sheffield, South Yorkshire, based ‘Cook With The Chef’ and Personal Chef business run by qualified chef Frank Boddy. Get him in to show you how to cook for your guests or better still, to do it all for you! The choice is entirely up to you….

Solo Female Traveler – all things travel related with a penchant for the Middle East which is very close to my heart too. I found Sabina’s website by chance from a “twitter” she posted and was determined to come back and pop her blog on here.

Memory Heirlooms – a really cool way to keep your babies treasured clothing or blankets.
This lady can turn your treasured fabrics and clothing into beautiful memory keepsakes that can be displayed or hugged at any time of day. She makes all sorts of stuff including Memory Bears and Memory Pillows. If you love her blogspot, I’m pretty sure you will be moving along to her online shop in no time at all….

Much Ramblings – love this site and it’s helped by having stuff on places I’m also familiar with and have a love of. I found this particular page called “Drunk on ground” after reading their blog post about Cyprus buses.

TwitPic – have you found it yet?
If you have a twitter account then you will love this application. So easy to upload and share your photos/piccies. Take a look at my CyprusPictures and you will see what I mean.

Fashion Pa-ra.dox – musings & photos with a chance to buy some great clothing items.
A really cool, young & trendy look at fashion today. I came across it purely by accident and thought I’d share it with you all. Don’t forget to visit the Shop link from the blog page.

Animal Charities – Cyprus
A NEW page added to Cyprus Life – in pictures today. A subject very dear to my heart.

Stuart Russell Artwork – Keep an eye on his website as I’m positive this young man is going places!
Stuart Russell is a young photographer from Glenrothes who was voted 4th out of 17 finalists in the nationwide competition to find Britain’s Best View 2011.

Cyprus Daily Deals – Great savings for all Cyprus by resort/area.
A Daily Deal is a fantastic way to save up to 70% on everything from Eating Out to a day on the Golf Course, a luxury Spa treatment, Gym membership, a hair or nail make-over … and much more.  Save money through group or bulk buying with an easy to use voucher system.

Guide2Cyprus – A Cyprus business directory.
A Cyprus directory where local residents, businesses and visitors to Cyprus can browse and save money.
If you’re looking for property, Cyprus holiday accommodation, somewhere to eat or local events – find them all under one roof!

Mum’s in Cyprus – connect with over 800 mums from 19 nationalities.
Mums in Cyprus is a free to join, young website community by mums for mums. Innovative and refreshingly different, MiC is you, me, and all the other fabulous mothers on this island we call home.

Diddybears – collectible bears.
There’s a fabulous little website here for those of you who collect bears. It goes by the name of Diddybears and all the bears you see there are handmade from natural, hand-dyed wools. A fabulous little website, great colours and layout.

27b/6 – I came across this website purely by accident last week and by the time I’d finished reading “Dear Neighbour, you’re not invited to my party” thread – I was almost crying with laughter…

Easy Fundraising – we’re supporting ACE (Animal Care in Egypt).
Support your favourite charity by shopping online without it costing you an extra penny. Link to your regular online shopping sites via the Easy Fundraising page first. Once you’ve registered your email address all of your future online purchases will be tracked and funds donated to your cause. Hundreds of online retail stores to choose from.

War Dog of the week by Rebecca Frankel.
Some fantastic stories and images on this photo essay site. Sadly, they are not all happy endings but they paint the tales of war that we don’t always get to hear about.

Typical Greek Life – A day in the life of a typical Greek.
Laugh along and share at what makes a Greek so… Greek!

UFO’s and Conspiracy Theories – what do you really think about them?
To be honest, I love a great conspiracty theory and the whackier the better! Visit Darrin’s website and check some of the theories there including the truth about 911, chemtrails and hoax moon landings. It will keep you busy for hours….

The Amazing Race – official CBS website. It’s not a page I will read until I know each series has ended.
Currently showing Season 18 “Unfinished Business” (episode 8 as at 17 April 2011). We wait and watch all of the episodes in a “Raceathon” as it’s absolutely addictive. We’ve watched this series since it first started in 2001. More about the Amazing Race and the rules can be found on Wikipedia.

No Opportunity Wasted – Phil Keoghan (of Amazing Race fame) rasing money for the National Multiple Sclerocis Society by riding a bicycle across America. You can see the film of his amazing journey called “The Ride” in cinemas across the USA. This, and lots more stuff that Phil has done and why…..

Cyprus Stamps – a specialist website selling Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus stamps, first day covers and postal history items. The only dedicated and constantly updated website for collectors of Cypriot postage stamps and philatelic items.

Amelia Peabody books – simply a “must read” for anyone who has fallen in love with Egypt and it’s temples and tombs. A fictional series of around 20 books spanning the life and characters of Amelia Peabody, Emerson and Ramses during their escapades in various parts of Egypt.

Eurovision Song Contest – yes, I know…..
But we do love it and even more so now the voting has become soooo political that it makes the whole principle quite ridiculous. I’m glad to see that UK has finally come to its’ senses this year and actually got a band/group that we know to represent the UK Eurovision 2011 entry. So here’s to “Blue” and we hope that “I Can” will at least get into the top 5 for 2011.

More websites I love coming soon….


3 thoughts on “Websites I Love

  1. Pingback: Animal Care in Egypt (via The Miss Adventure Journals) « Cyprus Life – in pictures

  2. Good day!
    I am at the job atm so I didn’t have the time to read all of the post, but I do enjoy the stuff I read and I will read some more at your web site when I get home..
    I got a lot of things to complete here 🙂
    do you got a username at twitter? =)
    All the best.

    • Hi
      Thailand hasn’t really been on my travel bucket list but the photographs and colours on your website are simply stunning. Thanks for sharing them.
      You can follow me on Twitter: @CyprusPictures

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