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“That book” for the ladies has become Kindle’s first 1m copy seller

No wonder the men are running scared and panicking about what’s in “that book“.

E.L. James erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey just became the first novel to sell more than 1m copies for Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Touch

“James – whose real name is Erika Leonard – has had colossal sales for her erotic fiction books, with the paperback version of her debut achieving the UK’s highest weekly sale for a paperback.”

Not bad at all considering the trilogy was only released in March this year:-)

Everyone is talking about it and you haven’t heard of it, where have you been this last month or so?

In fact, I think more men than women are talking about it….

Even Piers Morgan has got in on the act:

And here are a few reviews from the Amazon website:

Oh My! What a pile of discarded panties, 24 Jun 2012″

Unintentionally hilarious!, 18 May 2012″

Did a teenager write this???, April 15, 2012″

This review is my favourite:
Not the worst I’ve ever read… No, wait. It IS., March 6, 2012″
“I downloaded the book to my Kindle because it was on the best seller list and had 4 stars overall rating on Amazon. I wish I’d taken the time to read some of the reviews. As it turns out I agree with the negative.
I found myself thinking “Twilight, plus some spanking, minus the sparkly vampires.” Here, I’ll save you all some time (SPOILER ALERT):

Once upon a time…
I’m Ana. I’m clumsy and naive. I like books. I dig this guy. He couldn’t possibly like me. He’s rich. I wonder if he’s gay? His eyes are gray. Super gray. Intensely gray. Intense AND gray. Serious and gray. Super gray. Dark and gray. [insert 100+ other ways to say “gray eyes” here]
I blush. I gasp. He touches me “down there.” I gasp again. He gasps. We both gasp. I blush some more. I gasp some more. I refer to my genitals as “down there” a few more times. I blush some more. Sorry, I mean I “flush” some more. I bite my lip. He gasps a lot more. More gasping. More blushing/flushing. More lip biting. Still more gasping.
The end.”

Fifty Shades of Grey

If after all that you’re still tempted to either buy or even take a wee peek at “that book” you can do that right here.


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