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Originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) we moved overseas at the beginning of March 2004 and spent the next glorious 12 years in Limassol, Cyprus. Sadly, in 2016 we had to return permanently to UK due to family ill health. We now live on the Fylde coast where the river Wyre meets the Irish sea just across from Fleetwood. More places to discover and capture on camera!


“Miss Kathy’s” last full day in Cyprus

This could quite possibly be the last visit our friend Kathy will make to Cyprus before she heads off back to UK and then onwards to pastures new.

These are yesterday’s memories:

We went to Lady’s Mile Beach in the vain hope we may catch the Red Arrows in flight practising their rolls over the bay – sadly, it was not to be…

Dammit! I wasn't planning to swim - but I wanted to...

Dammit! I wasn’t planning to swim – but I wanted to…

Later in the afternoon, we took a short walk around some of the streets near to Limassol castle while we had a look for a place to eat with our other friends, Helen and Dave. But first we got waylaid by views of the sea from the car park…

Anyway, back to the old streets of Limassol:

Where we had dinner - close to Limassol castle

Where we had dinner – close to Limassol castle

The meal was okay although I doubt it will be on our recommended list of restaurants. We found the waiter/manager a little too pushy even though we informed he we weren’t tourists and that we have been living in Cyprus for a number of years. Then at the end, he hovered over us to see if we would leave him a tip which was not a good move on his part. Needless to say, he didn’t receive one and then “tutted” when he opened the bill to find there was nothing there…

However, we did find a very nice wine which I believe we’ve had once before at Vinarte Wine Bar in Limassol, but the name of it escaped us. Now we have a photo of it for posterity: a white, dry wine made from Xynisteri grapes by Tsiakkas Winery in Pelendri (Pitsilia region of the Troodos foothills) of Cyprus.

Tsiakkas wine - half bottle

Tsiakkas wine – half bottle

A stroll around the old port after dinner

A stroll around the old port after dinner

It's that catamaran again.

It’s that catamaran again.

Last peep before we head back home.

Last peep before we head back home.



We should have gone to Lidl…

So, just how did we get from this:

In front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Limassol

In front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Limassol

to this?

"Trucky" stucky in the salt lake at Akrotiri, Cyprus

“Trucky” stucky in the salt lake at Akrotiri, Cyprus

You may well ask 😀

I’m blaming it well and truly on my other half, Clement….

What started out as a pleasant drive over to the east side of Limassol to collect something, we saw as we were driving along our glorified dual carriageway (referred to as “στο highway”) we spotted something large and looming out to sea, which after our eventual return home turns out to be:

RFS Admiral Kuznetsov 063 (Russian aircraft carrier)

RFS Admiral Kuznetsov 063 (Russian aircraft carrier)

Ship spotting in #Cyprus

Ship spotting in #Cyprus

"You've been framed"

“You’ve been framed”

My trusty husband, Clement was positive he’d spotted something of even more interest to the other side of Limassol New Port:

"I spy with my little eye..."

“I spy with my little eye…”

and off we went in search of ships….. with a few stops along the way:

Is this what they call a dry dock?

Is this what they call a dry dock?

Wooden boat for sale

Wooden boat for sale

Four footed, furry friend who was too tired to say "hello"

Four footed, furry friend who was too tired to say “hello”

You tell me... I haven't got a clue what it is!

You tell me… I haven’t got a clue what it is!

Sadly, we saw no other ships – it must have been the sun that went to his head! But, as we’d got so far around the back of the port, we decided the best course of action to get home was across the salt lake at Akrotiri. Just behind RAF Akrotiri airforce base…

A bad move on our part as we got ridiculously lost by approaching it from a different angle than normal. We suddenly came upon a perimeter wall with barbed wire netting and thought we had gone a bit too far. So, searching for tracks of other vehicles (there are several routes to cut across the salt lake) and being familiar with only one way from Ryan’s Grill on the Aki “strip” to Lady’s Mile Restaurant on Lady’s Mile beach – we decided we should turn back…. Hmmm, and that’s where we made the worst decision ever!

We got stuck in some dodgy quagmire of salt, sand – and we think we may well have struck a secret oil field!

Not only did we get stuck, but the Padjero sent by our insurance company Gan Direct, also got stuck! Meanwhile as we’d been waiting for over 30 minutes with no call back either from our insurance agents or the recovery vehicle, we managed to walk a short way and thumb a lift off a passing vehicle (on another road, I hasten to add) to the last beach bar along Lady’s Mile Beach – the aptly named, Lady’s Mile Restaurant…. Eventually, after numerous phone calls and requests for a call back, our insurers’ informed us the rescue vehicle was also stuck! They did manage to find our vehicle though, which was good as we had absolutely no idea where it was and without a WiFi signal, no GPS coordinates either 😦

Sooooo, along came another rescue truck – complete with winch! And eventually, we were all rescued and we all lived happily ever after 🙂

Finally, "The RESCUE"

Finally, “The RESCUE”

More photos on Flickr in the set: “Should have gone to Lidl

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Photo Diary: A Day in Limassol

Sooo, if you’ve been following my Facebook page you may already be aware we’ve had family visitors over the last few days staying with us in sunny Cyprus during their whirlwind tour of Europe from the bright lights of Sydney, Australia.

Tom and Lizi came to us for 6 days after spending a week in cold and wet UK and were pleased to feel a bit of a bit of warmth on their bones before heading off on the next leg of their journey to Paris.

Here’s a selection of photos from Limassol town on Friday 15 November 2013:

A student gathering in Limassol

A busy day for students – at Limassol Town Hall

Ayia Napa church, Limassol (Old Port area)

Street Heart (#streetart)

Tom on one of the old streets of Limassol

There's a cruise ship in at Limassol new port

There’s a cruise ship in at Limassol new port

Tom and Lizi in Limassol old town

Tom and Lizi in Limassol old town


The alleyway leading towards the castle square

Through the foliage

Limassol Castle

Limassol Castle

Skeleton in the closet – this one was beheaded apparently

Inscription in stone at Limassol castle



Through the doorway

Through the doorway

Ancient Cyprus map

Views of the castle square area at Limassol old town

Water tower at Limassol


Ancient artifacts from the roof

View from the castle tower

Experimenting with an iPhone 5 S (don’t ask, it’s far too technical)

Putting Limassol on the map

Putting Limassol on the map