Fylde Coast Musings vs Cyprus Life – in pictures

Originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) we moved overseas at the beginning of March 2004 and spent the next glorious 12 years in Limassol, Cyprus. Sadly, in 2016 we had to return permanently to UK due to family ill health. We now live on the Fylde coast where the river Wyre meets the Irish sea just across from Fleetwood. More places to discover and capture on camera!

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Pedal for Parkinson’s

The following article is all about my best friend when we were at senior school together in Heywood, Lancashire. After leaving school and starting work, we sort of lost each other along the way although our paths have been quite similar…

Me and an old boyfriend brought Susan and her husband, John together – so some good things do happen in life.

Luckily, we found each other again after more than 30 years of starting out full time work when Susan and her husband came to Cyprus on a visit a couple of years ago. Little did I know she had Parkinson’s disease and it came as quite a shock particularly when our last memories were of visits to Tenby and Saundersfoot in south Wales during the school holidays with my parents and later, drinking whilst under age in the White Lion pub in our local town.

Unfortunately, not long after their return to UK, John (Susan’s husband) had a very bad accident when he was knocked off his bicycle in Bolton on the May Day bank holiday.

If you’re affected by Parkinson’s disease either personally or through someone who has it, please consider giving a donation – no matter how small.

My Dad was diagnosed fairly recently and after more than 6 months on medication, we’re seeing no change but a very rapid deterioration.


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Putting Heywood, Lancashire on the map.

A very nice piece of video footage from my home town of Heywood, Lancashire during this years’ annual charity event.

It is always held in September.

Thanks to Eamonn McCulloch for posting it to YouTube.

So, where is Heywood then?


My home town: Heywood, Lancashire UK

A cool aerial video posted on the Remembering Heywood facebook page which I found today.
I just had to share it with you:

Published onĀ 24 Jun 2013

Aerial video uploaded by Jefferson Lord, entitled “Monkey Town by Air

Aerial video of Heywood, I will be adding more clips from the skycam ongoing weather permitting, most of this clip was shot at 5.30-7am in the morning so unfortunately the lighting isn’t ideal , video was made using a gopro3 camera on-board my quadcopter which is being flown by radio control. the video stream is fed back to me live as i fly so its almost like being in the flight deck of a real aircraft, the quadcopter has gps and the facility to return home to its takeoff point and land itself in the event of a problem.

You may wonder at the name “Monkey Town” and there have been several reasons behind that even going so far as saying that bar stool seats had holes in them so the Heywood monkeys could put their tails through them. But we believe the reality is that it may have once been referred to as “Heap Town” and because of the local accent it sounded more like “ape town” – hence the name Monkey Town.

And the triangular area marked in black on this photograph is where I used to live. My house was in the facing row where you can some of the houses painted white. That’s the back of the houses with the grassed area in the middle. The mill you can see in the left of the freeze frame are Mutual Mills made up from several buildings with a water lodge in the middle.

Where I used to live

Where I used to live

More information about Heywood here

Heywood, Lancashire UK

Heywood, Lancashire UK