Afternoon Tea Treasure Hunt

When the Afternoon Tea you had round at a friends house yesterday afternoon made you go to find the bakery it came from 😃

Needs must – a trip to Great Ecclestone where we spotted several places of interest including this Indian restaurant menu still in the display case of a building now for sale:

The building which housed the restaurant in is quite magnificent in itself:

Ghost Signage of the White Bull Hotel:

A nice looking cafe which comes highly recommended by a close friend:

The bakery we went in search of: Pebby’s Bakery – you can check out their Facebook page here

And finally, a titivated telephone box – all in the village of Great Ecclestone, Lancashire.

Great Eccleston was listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Eglestun. In various 13th-century documents it was recorded as Ecclisto, Ecleston and Great Eccleston.

In 1066 when the Normans conquered England, the township of Great Eccleston—then part of the ancient hundred of Amounderness—was in the possession of Tostig Godwinson, the brother of King Harold II.

Tostig died at the Battle of Stamford Bridge and his lands were subsequently taken over by the Normans. Between 1069 and 1086 William the Conqueror gave Amounderness to Roger de Poitou, an Anglo-Norman baron.

In the Domesday Book, the area of Great Eccleston was estimated at two carucates (ploughlands) of land.

The township was originally part of the ecclesiastical parish of St Michael’s on Wyre and Great Eccleston’s parishioners would have worshipped there at St Michael’s Church.

In 1723, a chapel of ease to St Michael’s was built in a part of Great Eccleston called Copp. It was dedicated to St Anne.

Great Ecclestone village is as traditional as they come with the majority of shops, cafes, a few pubs serving food, a hardware shop and a number of others all line the High Street.

Putting Great Ecclestone on the map:

Link to Google Maps through the above image.

And the Afternoon Tea, I hear you ask?

It was delicious and SO MUCH FOOD for a single serving!
We were a group of 7 ladies, celebrating a birthday which had taken place a few days previously.

Ladies Who Lunch!

We had 6 servings of Afternoon Tea delivered by the daughter of the lady whose birthday it was. And there was still lots left late in the afternoon.
Sandwiches of 3 or 4 different kinds, I recall having ham and salmon, there was definitely egg which I’m not a fan of and another, possibly chicken.
Pies, sausage rolls, filled vol-au-vent cases and CAKES, did I say cakes? Far too many many cakes – nooooo, there can never be too many cakes! But we just couldn’t manage them all at once….

I brought a small selection of savouries home for my husband to try as he doesn’t have a sweet tooth – hence why the next day we ended up in search of Pebby’s Bakery in Great Ecclestone!

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