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Originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) we moved overseas at the beginning of March 2004 and spent the next glorious 12 years in Limassol, Cyprus. Sadly, in 2016 we had to return permanently to UK due to family ill health. We now live on the Fylde coast where the river Wyre meets the Irish sea just across from Fleetwood. More places to discover and capture on camera!

Cyprus National Day – cause for a celebration

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Yes, while most of my UK friends and ex-colleagues played pranks on each other for April Fool’s Day, we were enjoying a public holiday for Cyprus National Day.

Every year on 1st of April, Cyprus commemorates the Greek Cypriot National Day or EOKA in memory of the establishment of the National Organization of the Cypriot Struggle known as EOKA (Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agoniston).

EOKA aimed to fight for the country’s independence against the British colonies on 1955 and its union with Greece.

And while all that was happening, we chose to go for a drive out with our friends Dave & Helen in the direction of Paphos. We found ourselves at the village of Kouklia, which for such a small place seems to abound with dozens of tavernas!

We came across a few we would like to try at some time in the future.

Efraim Tavern, Kouklia - one of many!

Efraim Tavern, Kouklia – one of many!

V Bar, Kouklia - what's wrong with this picture?

V Bar, Kouklia – what’s wrong with this picture?

Rated #7 of 9 in Kouklia. We ate here.

TripAdvisor rated #7 of 9 in Kouklia. We ate here.

The Diarizos Tavern was “okay”, and if there are only 9 tavernas in Kouklia – then that rating is probably about right.

The lady who served us was very friendly, our beer glasses were icy cold and frosted (straight out of the freezer). We were given some garlic bread and tzanziki (cucumber, yoghurt with mint dip) and a plate of olives while we waited for our order.

The meals didn’t all come together which we found a little off-putting and each plate had chips which were overcooked. We weren’t totally impressed with the food – but it was okay and reasonably priced.
Our main meals were followed by the arrival of 2 apples and 2 oranges (whole) plus a cold semolina / rose water pudding topped with pistachio nuts. As my husband doesn’t “do” white puddings, his remained firmly on the plate.

All in all, 4 meals (grilled chicken, pork chop, pork souvlaki and a mixed kebab (sheftalia with pork souvlaki), 2 large KEO beers and 4 cans of diet Coke came to €42 – so not too bad. The pork chop was €7, which as our guide price based on eating in various establishments around the island is very reasonable.

The lady even took our photo for posterity!

Here is a snapshot of some of the eateries in Kouklia village. Someone told me there are now 14 places to eat in the village:

Cyprus - Kouklia Restaurants

Cyprus – Kouklia Restaurants

Putting Kouklia on the map

Putting Kouklia on the map

Next time, we will stay a while longer in Mandria village which we only really passed through and grabbed a few photos this time. We will try out one of the restaurants/tavernas there – probably when we’re on our way back from an overnight stay at a secret location in Paphos.

Psst….. it’s not secret to us, I hasten to add – but we’re not telling our friend Kathy which hotel we are staying in until she arrives for her Easter holidays 🙂

You can see the rest of my photos of the day on Flickr here (Cyprus National Day 2014).

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Author: Fylde Coast Musings aka CyprusPictures

I'm "Shell" or Michele - formerly a UK Expat living in Cyprus since March 2004. Sadly, we had to return to UK in April 2016 due to family illness. We now live "over Wyre" where the "River meets the Sea" at Knott End on Sea, Fylde coast, Lancashire. If you like my photos, you can see more of them on Flickr (Thulborn-Chapman Photography): http://www.flickr.com/photos/cypruspictures/albums/ and don't forget to check me out on Twitter too - you can find me: @CyprusPictures aka Fylde Coast Musings Enjoy!

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  1. I can’t believe I’ve now been in Cyprus over 5 years and I’m still yet to visit any small villages or really explore the island properly, its quite shameful really! I say it every year but hopefully this will be the year I get over all my excuses ( small kids and lack of funds being the biggest!)

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