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What’s the common denominator between a boy called Logan, an Olympic Torch and Hearing Dogs?

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A brilliant story I found today and just had to share it with you…

Follow Logan’s Olympic Torch around the UK.

No, this isn’t a real torch – it’s one that a little boy aged 5 (called Logan) decided to make himself after hearing the torch bearers were selling theirs on eBay.

Logan and the Olympic Torch he made at school.

Only his was different… He made it from orange and yellow coloured paper to depict the flames and got his mum to list it on eBay so he could give some funds to Let’s Hear it for Deaf People.

The torch made a profit and Logan gave his part to the charity and kept some back to make some more “stuff” to sell – but then decided no, he would give the rest to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Soon, the previous eBay buyer got news of this and so Logan’s Olympic Torch Relay was born. It’s currently winging its’ way around the UK at a rate of knots.

The last eBay auction closed on 7th July at £10,800:-)


Sadly, there were some retracted bidders which is a very cruel aspect of charity auctions on eBay but this was a huge success for one small boy.

Maybe he can teach some of the UK Bankers a thing or two?

Read the full story and see more photos here.

You can follow the Torch on Facebook too or simply make your own donation without having to bid on eBay, so get clicking and make this little boy happy.

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