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Fat airline passengers get extra 2 inches of seat space while the skinny ones lose an inch. How is that fair?

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Rather than making one seat wider and the other poor sods (sorry, passengers) on the same row suffer even more by losing an inch of seat, why don’t airlines come up with an “optimum weight”?

When the passenger checks in they stand on a part of the floor that has a weigh scale in it.  A bit like a lorry weighbridge. If the passenger is over the Optimum Weight they pay extra but get 2 seats.

BUT, for those passengers who are below the Optimum Weight – they get a refund based on a sliding scale.

Looking at this photo below I can’t see how an extra 2 inches of seat room will make the slightest bit of difference. His big ‘arse will still be hanging over the edge and encroaching into the full paying fellow passengers space.

After having spent more than 4 hours more times than I care to remember sitting bent over to one side because the shoulders of the fat person at the side of me is in my seat I do agree, it’s about time that something was done – but not to the detriment of other “normal” sized passengers!

C’mon Airbus, how will an extra 2 inches help him or the passenger to his right?

Chub class: Airbus makes wider airline seat for fat flyers who will get an extra two inches…but slimmer travellers lose space. Read more in the Mail Online

I love this line: “Industry insiders say the issue is so delicate that cabin crew of any airline are careful not to use the “f-word” – fat – in earshot of passengers.

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One thought on “Fat airline passengers get extra 2 inches of seat space while the skinny ones lose an inch. How is that fair?

  1. Good post. That looks like an extreme case but I agree with you that it is a problem. If there is an overweight baggage charge then surely this can also be applied to passengers?

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