Egypt – Nile Cruise, here we come….. again!

How did you spend your day yesterday?
I spent mine hard at work in front of my computer researching and comparing Nile cruise itineraries (that was hard work as we want to spend as much time in Aswan as possible), different boats, cabin levels (hmmm Main Deck or Upper Deck?) before I even looked at the costs!

After that, I spent the rest of the late afternoon calculating the best flight options to allow us time to meet up with the cruise boat and finally converting the breakdown of costs into EUR to get a final total.

Then we had another decison….. Take an Excursion Package or not?
We decided the Full Package is of little use to us as we’ve done most of the stuff in Luxor that we want to do with our Cyprus friends the last time we were in Egypt, with the exception of the Luxor and Karnak Temples. But, as we’re moored in Luxor for a night or two – we can do both of those under our own steam should we fancy it.

Karnak Temple, we visited the site in 2010 but didn't go inside that day.

But what about the temples along our route to Aswan?
A quick calculation of the Egyptian ticket prices means if we do all of the options we fancy it will only cost the equivalent of EUR 18.00 per person.
We know how easy it is to arrange transport in Luxor or Aswan as well as around the Nile bank in between so we’re looking forward to some haggling and having our own version of “The Amazing Race.”
We aim to get to the ancient temples and monuments before the tourist coaches do 😀

Amazing Race, Egypt - Coming soon!

So, what’s the plan then?
The plan is to “do” Esna temple by taxi/mini bus (depending on the number in our group by the time we book this holiday), KomOmbo temple is a piece of cake as the boats dock almost at the bottom of the steps of the temple, although you do have to run the gauntlet of shop keepers in both directions 🙂
In Aswan, we will have further to travel as we aim to take in the High Dam, Philae Temple and possibly the Unfinished Obelisk in one foul swoop! That will be hard work, but then we will have a nice rest afterwards on our cruise back down river to Luxor again.

Unfinished Obelisk - taken in 2007
Approaching Philae Temple, Aswan - 2007

It looks like now I’ve finally cracked it:!/CyprusPictures/status/163609100909953024

We’ve just agreed the itinerary etc with 2 of our friends from Cyprus and all we’re left with now is to work on the final dates.

It looks like this will be our floating hotel for 7 nights along the River Nile:

MS Serenade - river Nile cruise boat.

How much?
For 2 people including flights from Larnaca to Cairo, then Cairo to Luxor and return plus 2 nights hotel accommodation on All Inclusive basis followed by a 7 night Nile cruise on Full Board = EUR 831.50

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  1. This sound great Michelle 🙂 I will look for you in the office this day’s and we discuss about it 🙂

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