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Our new life in Cyprus began in early March 2004. Originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) we moved overseas spending a glorious 12 years in Limassol. Feel free to read my posts and view my many #photosofCyprus. However in 2016 we had to return permanently to UK due to family ill health. We're now living on the Fylde coast where the river Wyre meets the Irish sea in the north west of England. More places for us to discover as this part of the UK is not so familiar to us either.

Don’t be so snooty, this is how it works in Cyprus.

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We know it goes on in Cyprus and it’s very often stated in conversations “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” but below is quite a shocking example written by Maria Hadjimichal of this old add-age in action.

According to the facebook comments that follow the article as produced in the Cyprus-Mail online version of the newspaper there are many younger Cypriots who are willing to come forward to try to make a change to the current employment application system for Govermental positions.

“JUST LIKE many Cypriots around my age, last year I applied for one of the temporary officer positions for the six-month Cypriot presidency of the EU which starts this July.

I was not planning to apply. It’s widely known in Cyprus that those without an insider’s ‘assistance’ are not hired for such positions. But then there were quite a number of temporary position openings in the different governmental departments and ministries to assist during the presidency, so perhaps even contactless me had a chance. And, I thought it would be a shame to ignore the opportunity to assist my country during such an important period.

The position I applied for was that of an officer at the department of fisheries and marine research (DFMR). Last March – after three years of hard work and just before my 27th birthday – I successfully defended my PhD and was awarded my doctorate in European Fisheries Governance from Bangor University in the UK, one of the leading universities in marine sciences.

During my doctorate research, I was in contact with fishermen and various stakeholders in Cyprus, Spain, Denmark and the United Kingdom. I gained in-depth knowledge of European and the national fisheries policies of the countries mentioned, along with knowledge with regards to the functioning of European institutions and especially the Commission. Such details could not be included in the strictly formatted application form for governmental positions which simply asks for one’s educational history and any relevant work experience you can provide documentation for. Only if you are asked for an interview – the second stage of the application process – do you get the chance to put forward research experience details like mine.

I did not get to the interview stage. When I rang to find out the reasons my name was not even on the list for interviews, I was shocked to hear that the evaluators had rated my seven years of hard work and study which provided me with a first degree, a Masters and a PhD as worthy of only one point out of the five necessary to reach the second stage.”

Read the remainder of the article and the 30+ follow up comments here. If you feel strongly enough about this insight, make sure to add your thoughts to the comments list too.


Author: Fylde Coast Musings aka CyprusPictures

I'm "Shell" or Michele - formerly a UK Expat living in Cyprus since March 2004. Sadly, we had to return to UK in April 2016 due to family illness. We now live "over Wyre" where the "River meets the Sea" at Knott End on Sea, Fylde coast, Lancashire. If you like my photos, you can see more of them on Flickr (Thulborn-Chapman Photography): and don't forget to check me out on Twitter too - you can find me: @CyprusPictures aka Fylde Coast Musings Enjoy!

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