Fylde Coast Musings vs Cyprus Life – in pictures

Originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) we moved overseas at the beginning of March 2004 and spent the next glorious 12 years in Limassol, Cyprus. Sadly, in 2016 we had to return permanently to UK due to family ill health. We now live on the Fylde coast where the river Wyre meets the Irish sea just across from Fleetwood. More places to discover and capture on camera!

On My Kindle Today


Wanna know what I’ve got on my Kindle?

Kindle - makes reading books so simple!

Here are the Kindle books I’m currently reading or have preview versions of:

Inspector George Gently by Alan Hunter:

Gently by the Shore – In a British seaside holiday resort at the height of the season, you would expect to find a promenade and a pier, maybe some donkeys, ‘Kiss-Me-Quick’ hats, candy floss and kids building sandcastles. You would not expect to find a naked corpse, punctured with stab wounds, lying on the sand.
A Kindle Daily Deal – £0.99 for today only.

Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child:

Pursuader – Walking along the street, Reacher sees a man who should be dead. Ten years before, that man murdered someone important to Reacher and got away with it. Should Reacher contact the police and let them sort it out? That isn’t something Reacher has much patience for. No-wait justice, that’s our guy.

Gone Tomorrow – A subway ride in the dead of night ought to be a safe trip when you’re built like Jack Reacher, but not when there’s a bomber on board. If you’re thinking Reacher’s not going to get involved, then you don’t know Jack.

61 Hours – Winter in South Dakota. Blinding snow and an icy highway cause a bus crash; inside are elderly tourists on a jaunt and one lone hitchhiker sprawled in back, taking up room enough for two men. Good thing he’s there, because something nastier than the weather is on its way and a threatened prison riot is merely the beginning. [Finished]

Worth Dying For – Passing through Nebraska, that’s all Reacher had in mind. When he encounters some very frightened folk, he stops to wonder at the cause. They want him to leave pronto; this problem needs a phalanx of heroes and Reacher may be a scary-looking dude but he’s only one man. [Finished]

And now I’ve just found some seriously BAD news for Jack Reacher worshippers that Tom Cruise is about to play Reacher in the movie version of One Shot. How on earth can that happen? Tom Cruise will have to stand on a box to play “Reacher!”

Name: Jack Reacher (no middle name)
Measurements: 6’5″, 220-250 lbs., 50″ chestHair: Dirty-blond
Eyes: Ice blue

Name: Tom Cruise
Measurements: 5’7″, 160 lbs, 41-43″ chest.

Much as I like Tom Cruise and I definitely think he’s got better as the years have gone by, I just know I’m going to be bitterly disappointed by my own impression of just how Jack Reacher should look. 😦

Scarpetta Series by Patricia Cornwell:

Predator – Dr. Kay Scarpetta, now freelancing with the National Forensic Academy in Florida, takes charge of a case that stretches from steamy Florida to snowbound Massachusetts, one as unnerving as any she has ever faced. The teasing psychological clues lead Scarpetta and her team—Pete Marino, Benton Wesley, and Lucy Farinelli—to suspect that they are hunting someone with a cunning and malevolent mind whose secrets have kept them in the shadows, until now.

The Closers by Michael Connolly.
After three years out of the LAPD, Harry Bosch returns, to find the department a different place from the one he left. A new Police Chief has been brought over from New York to give the place a thorough clean up from top to bottom. Working with his former partner, Kiz Rider, Harry is assigned to the department’s Open-Unsolved Unit, working on the thousands of cold cases that haunt the LAPD’s files. These detectives are the Closers…

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding by Agatha Christie.
On his pillow, Poirot finds a scrawled note which reads, “DON’T EAT NONE OF THE PLUM PUDDING. ONE WHO WISHES YOU WELL”. He is most puzzled….

Cyprus As I Saw It In 1879 by Sir Samuel White Baker.
“I shall describe “Cyprus as I saw it in 1879,” expressing the opinions which I formed upon the spot with the results of my experience.”


Author: Fylde Coast Musings aka CyprusPictures

I'm "Shell" or Michele - formerly a UK Expat living in Cyprus since March 2004. Sadly, we had to return to UK in April 2016 due to family illness. We now live "over Wyre" where the "River meets the Sea" at Knott End on Sea, Fylde coast, Lancashire. If you like my photos, you can see more of them on Flickr (Thulborn-Chapman Photography): http://www.flickr.com/photos/cypruspictures/albums/ and don't forget to check me out on Twitter too - you can find me: @CyprusPictures aka Fylde Coast Musings Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “On My Kindle Today

  1. I just wrote a review on Patricia Cornwell Books – http://hazellcottrell.wordpress.com/2011/08/09/book-review-unnatural-exposure/
    Let me know your views?

    • hi shell, how are you? and how’s life in Cyprus taking you? am Phillip from Uganda and i saw your website, its great. thanks for the information about Cyprus. actually i do intend to come there and study from there as well as see the life there. tell me what is the total cost in university fro an overseas student as well as send some pictures of what Nicosia looks like. bye and hope to hear from you soon. BYE.

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