Ships in Limassol port – French air destroyer “Forbin”

French air defence destroyer “Forbin” will call at Limassol port Friday for the first time since her launch.

Forbin - the French Navy Destroyer.

Deployed in the Mediterranean and based at Toulon, Forbin was born from the French-Italian programme “Horizon” that was launched in the 1990s. She was built between 2002 and 2006 and achieved full operational capabilities in October 2010.

This highly technical and technological warship of 153m length and 7,000 tons can reach a maximum speed of 29 knots. It is also fitted with a helicopter and is one of the newest and most powerful warships in the French Navy.
Her crew comprises of 26 officers, and mnore than 150 crew.

Specialised in air defence warfare, her main missions are to control and protect the airspace within an operational area and to escort high value units such as aircraft carriers or amphibious ships.

From mid March until the end of April 2011, Forbin was deployed off Libya in application of the UNSC resolution 1973, when she demonstrated her operational efficiency by safeguarding the No-Flight Zone and protecting the French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaule.”

Forbin will remain in Limassol until Sunday.

Hmmm, I think that calls for a visit down to the seafront this weeekend 🙂

Photos added today, Saturday 17th December.
I had to take these from the by the passenger terminal building fence near the car park as it wasn’t possible to get into the port area or close to the ship.

Forbin - French naval air destroyer
French naval air destroyer - Forbin.

(Main image on this post is taken from an article on Wikipedia)

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