Child Bans: Acceptable Bigotry? (via Alaina Mabaso’s Blog)

Excellent post and very thought provoking!

I certainly know which way I think on this and I know my personal friends will know that too.

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Congratulations to Alaina for becoming “Freshly Pressed”

Child Bans: Acceptable Bigotry? Waiting at a sandwich joint for a magazine interview, I was looking over my notes as a young mother with little blond twins – probably two years or less – took up residence at an adjacent table. Their two-seated stroller, piled high with jackets, provisions and blankets, only lacked a team of huskies to be ready for the Iditarod. Ensconced in two high-chairs, the girls got to work. A small plush Elmo hit the floor under the table, along with a ti … Read More

via Alaina Mabaso’s Blog

2 Replies to “Child Bans: Acceptable Bigotry? (via Alaina Mabaso’s Blog)”

  1. Thanks so much for visiting during last week’s Freshly Pressed child bans blitz, and thanks for sharing the post here! I hope you’ll come back to visit again!

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