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Originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) we moved overseas at the beginning of March 2004 and spent the next glorious 12 years in Limassol, Cyprus. Sadly, in 2016 we had to return permanently to UK due to family ill health. We now live on the Fylde coast where the river Wyre meets the Irish sea just across from Fleetwood. More places to discover and capture on camera!

Sand and sea for dogs at last – Cyprus Mail


DOGS will finally be able to run free along the sand and swim in the sea now that five beaches island wide have been declared dog beaches, following a recent decision by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation’s (CTO) beaches committee to finally implement the law.

“The delay was because a lot of local authorities wouldn’t allow it,” said one of the beach committee members, Glafcos Kariolou.
A law was passed in 2003 mandating that each coastal area should have a special strip of coast for dogs but Cyprus has fallen way behind in implementing it because of opposition from local authorities.

The areas designated as dog beaches are the Louma area in Famagusta, Softades in Larnaca, Tsierkezou in Limassol, Ahelia in Paphos and Mansoura in Kato Pyrgos.

There was already one designated area in Ayia Napa that was opened up in August 2008 on the municipality’s own initiative. This stretch of beach is the aforementioned “Louma” and has been retained as one of the designated areas. It is located opposite the Waterworld water park in Ayia Thekla.

However, according to Kariolou the beaches have an expiry date of up until January 1, 2014, just in case they do not do well. “If some owners do not abide by the rules they’ll close and if some communities react badly the beaches designated will have to be changed,” he said.
The status of the beaches will be reviewed in December 2013 when an extension will be issued if the project has been successful.
Each beach will have a parking area, bins for dog waste, toilets for dog owners as well as clear sign posting as to where the beach begins and ends. Future plans for the beaches include kiosks and an opportunity to sign up to become a member so only members will be able to use the beach.

However, with the freedom to roam come rules that owners must obey such as picking up their dog’s waste and putting it in the specially provided dustbins. If they do not they can be banned for 720 days. Owners are expected to carry their own equipment to clean up after their dog.

For one Nicosia dog owner, the news was welcome if long overdue. “It’s ridiculous it has taken so long to fully implement this law,” said Maria Nicolaides. “But I can hardly wait to try out one of these beaches with my family and our dog.”

The Greens also congratulated the decision made by the beaches committee to finally implement the law considering it their own achievement too as they also proposed the idea.

The above article was published om 10th September 2011 in the Cyprus Mail online newspaper and written by Natalie Hami.

And about time too! This should have been a provision many, many months ago and finally it seems like Cyprus is about to conform to the rules….

Better late than never I suppose!

All we need to do now is find out where Tsierkezou in Limassol is… I know 2 friends who will be very happy about this 🙂


The Tsierkezou beach is somewhere around the New Port area of Limassol.

The best information I can find is from the Cyprus Weekly online newspaper edition (pageflip) book format. You can read the full article on pages 12 & 13 and (believe it or not) – no directions – unless you have Sat Nav / GPS

Dog beaches in Limassol, Cyprus

Tsierkezou beach supposedly a dedicated Dog Beach in Limassol – map coordinates and location can be seen on the link below. It’s right at the side of the New Port by the looks of it:


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I'm "Shell" or Michele - formerly a UK Expat living in Cyprus since March 2004. Sadly, we had to return to UK in April 2016 due to family illness. We now live "over Wyre" where the "River meets the Sea" at Knott End on Sea, Fylde coast, Lancashire. If you like my photos, you can see more of them on Flickr (Thulborn-Chapman Photography): http://www.flickr.com/photos/cypruspictures/albums/ and don't forget to check me out on Twitter too - you can find me: @CyprusPictures aka Fylde Coast Musings Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Sand and sea for dogs at last – Cyprus Mail

  1. Great but like you said where on earth is it!!

  2. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help we went down to the Softades in Larnaca today with the dog and drove all along the front but everywhere had signs saying no dogs allowed does anyone know what the issue is? Thanks

    • Hi Tracey

      I just did a search on the Cyprus Eastern Forum as the members there should be more familiar with the area. As I’m in Limassol I cannot advise other than the information that was already contained in my posting.

      I could only find one reference to Softades beach and they indicate it’s not particularly good as it’s very rocky and a bit difficult to follow your dog if they reach the beach.

      If you would like to view the Eastern Forum you can check it out here

      The particular thread I managed to locate about the Larnaca dog walking beach is here

      Good luck and Thank You for reading my blog page 🙂

  3. Keep your dogs away from Melandra Beach (inbetween Curium and Pissouri) – dogs were poisoned there last week, they all died.

    • Melandra Beach is at Avdimou

      Noted – but I don’t believe that is a “dog approved” beach so it’s best to stay clear of any beaches with your dog unless it’s one of the Government designated beaches, which apparently – are not very nice or particularly safe for dogs.

      The best option is NOT to walk your dog on the beach. It’s a sad fact but there is no real love for dogs in Cyprus 😦

  4. Pingback: Is there nowhere safe to walk our dogs? « Cyprus Life – in pictures

  5. I’ve published a letter from the Cyprus-Mail today regarding poison at this beach.

    I don’t see Milandra Beach mentioned on the list above but the letter refers to it as being classed as a safe dog beach.

    Clearly it isn’t – so until this matter can be resolved, we urge people to stay away.

    Also be aware if you have young children/babies on the beach where fishermen have been.

  6. Just go to the Tsierkezou beach with my dog, within a couple minutes; one Cypriot came with his telephone with the voice of policeman another side of the line, stated that it is not allow to walk around with the dog on the beach and if the dog is in the sea, the fine is 350€

  7. Tsierkezou beach supposedly a dedicated Dog Beach in Limassol – map coordinates and location can be seen on the link below. It’s right at the side of the New Port by the looks of it:

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