Food for thought. Ban kids from restaurants?

Now Chefs want to ban kids too!

I must admit that I personally am not so good when children in close proximity start to scream and throw tantrums. I hate kids who cannot do anything with letting out a piercing scream each time or when they’re told they can’t have something.

Nor am I impressed when in a bar or restaurant eating and the little “darlings” being ignored by their parents are left to run wild around the place without any control or reprimands.

It’s certainly not something I was allowed to do as a child. Neither was I allowed to climb and jump on furniture, give cheek and answer back or basically act like a lot of the ones we see today.

From this article it seems like I’m not the only other person who holds these feelings. Even the Chefs are joining in the act.

What next, adults on planes?

Yes please! We have Adult Only hotels so why not?

What do you think about that then?

Read the full article as published by TIME U.S.

One Reply to “Food for thought. Ban kids from restaurants?”

  1. Thanks for the link! There are certainly a huge range of opinions out there on this topic, but I’ve felt better learning that there are lots of people out there who have trouble tolerating kids’ uncorrected noise in restaurants.

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