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My new life in Cyprus in images and words. I'm a British 50 something female, originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) and came to live in Limassol, Cyprus in March 2004. This is my photo blog about my new life as an expat on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Plus other things which catch my attention every once in a while…. Enjoy!


I’m getting a little scared, Paphos is becoming popular…

It’s quite amazing really to think we’ve been living on a permanent basis in Cyprus for more than 10 years now and yet I can probably count the number of occasions we’ve stayed overnight in Paphos on the fingers of one hand!

Suddenly, it seems to be on our list of places to go….

We were there for a single night in November last year (2013) while we had family visitors over from Sydney, Australia but only for a short duration so it was a bit of a whirlwind tour of Cyprus for them. We stayed at the Dionysos Central Hotel on the corner of Poseidonias Avenue near to the seafront (almost opposite Pizza Hut). See below (centre back in the photo…

Dionysos Central Hotel, Paphos

Dionysos Central Hotel, Paphos

Then just last month (April) we had a friend over from UK for a couple of weeks “Miss Kathy” – you may have seen reference to her in some of my other posts. So off we went again and stayed just one night at The Annabelle Hotel (a beachfront hotel) and listed as a 5 star hotel in Paphos.

I’m not entirely convinced of the 5 star rating but it was very pleasant overall and we had an interesting experience there exploring tombs – outside of the hotel, in the hotel grounds and surprisingly, also beneath the hotel foundations!

And now it looks like we’re heading westwards again!

We’re off to an amazing first event which I understand will be repeated each weekend for the near future.
Trust me, this news for Cyprus is BIG!

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“Miss Kathy’s” last full day in Cyprus

This could quite possibly be the last visit our friend Kathy will make to Cyprus before she heads off back to UK and then onwards to pastures new.

These are yesterday’s memories:

We went to Lady’s Mile Beach in the vain hope we may catch the Red Arrows in flight practising their rolls over the bay – sadly, it was not to be…

Dammit! I wasn't planning to swim - but I wanted to...

Dammit! I wasn’t planning to swim – but I wanted to…

Later in the afternoon, we took a short walk around some of the streets near to Limassol castle while we had a look for a place to eat with our other friends, Helen and Dave. But first we got waylaid by views of the sea from the car park…

Anyway, back to the old streets of Limassol:

Where we had dinner - close to Limassol castle

Where we had dinner – close to Limassol castle

The meal was okay although I doubt it will be on our recommended list of restaurants. We found the waiter/manager a little too pushy even though we informed he we weren’t tourists and that we have been living in Cyprus for a number of years. Then at the end, he hovered over us to see if we would leave him a tip which was not a good move on his part. Needless to say, he didn’t receive one and then “tutted” when he opened the bill to find there was nothing there…

However, we did find a very nice wine which I believe we’ve had once before at Vinarte Wine Bar in Limassol, but the name of it escaped us. Now we have a photo of it for posterity: a white, dry wine made from Xynisteri grapes by Tsiakkas Winery in Pelendri (Pitsilia region of the Troodos foothills) of Cyprus.

Tsiakkas wine - half bottle

Tsiakkas wine – half bottle

A stroll around the old port after dinner

A stroll around the old port after dinner

It's that catamaran again.

It’s that catamaran again.

Last peep before we head back home.

Last peep before we head back home.

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Can you spot the difference?

A bit of a change in the weather today – quite a different view from that we had on Sunday 13 April 2014.

What do you reckon?

It’s hard to believe that on Sunday we had glorious blue skies with not a cloud in sight….

These below were taken on Sunday 13 April whilst waiting for our English Breakfast to arrive at the Buccaneer Pub in Erimi village, Cyprus:

Waiting for breakfast

Waiting for breakfast

A table by the window

A table by the window

And today, Tuesday 15 April 2014 – I drove to work with heavy skies behind me and over the sea towards Akrotiri. This is my view on arriving home from work this evening:

So, we’re hoping the weather will pick up again for our friend Kathy’s arrival on Good Friday when she will be here for a couple of weeks over the Easter holidays, although it looks like we won’t be able to make any promises. Here’s the long term weather forecast for Limassol district of Cyprus from Accuweather for the next 10 days:

Cyprus (Limassol) weather for Easter 2014

Cyprus (Limassol) weather for Easter 2014

Fingers crossed that the weather pattern will change (I don’t hold any great faith in weather predictions for more than 3 days ahead when you live on a Mediterranean island) and it will be more like this instead:


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