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My new life in Cyprus in images and words. I'm a British 50 something female, originally from a small mill town in Heywood, Lancashire (United Kingdom) and came to live in Limassol, Cyprus in March 2004. This is my photo blog about my new life as an expat on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Plus other things which catch my attention every once in a while…. Enjoy!

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Catching up – life in Cyprus is becoming a blur.

Taking a look back here on my blog and I realised that time has simply flown by since I made my last blog post in August!

The weeks seem to fly by and the weekends disappear even more quickly :-(

So, rather than bombard my readers and followers with a load of posts all at once – you’re going to get a photo diary of what we’ve been up to since Miss Kathy left us for her journey back to the UK and then on to her new life in the Channel Islands on Jersey.

Here we go:

June 2014
Sunday afternoon and Father’s Day – what better to do with it than take an afternoon stroll around the New Limassol Marina, taking in the atmosphere and enjoying a chilled fruit smoothie and watching the small world of #Cyprus go on with its’ business.

Palm tree lined seafront

Boats and Yachts at Limassol New Marina

Cypriot Restaurant

July 2014
A weekend in Kakopetria village with an overnight stay at the Linos Inn, a traditional but renovated Cypriot village house in Palea Kakopetria (old Kakopetria) in the Troodos foothills of Cyprus.

Linos Hotel & Inn, Kakopetria village

Palea Kakopetria, Cyprus

Palea Kakopetria, Cyprus

Around Kakopetria village, Cyprus

We stayed in the old part of the village which we were totally unaware of before making our hotel reservation, even after having visited Kakopetria several times over the last 10 years.
A very nice place and full of character. There are some beautifully renovated houses offering self-catering or bed & breakfast accommodation. Try it!

August 2014
In search of the Venetian Bridges of Cyprus – we’ve heard of them but never seen them, although we’ve spotted many small stone bridges during our car journeys around Cyprus over the years.
Today on Assumption Day (15 August) we went on Dave’s Big Adventure in search of the Olive Bridge (Elias Bridge) built on the river Foinioti via the Paphos Forest dirt road. Then heading in the direction of Paphos, we later came across Tzielefos Bridge which is pretty spectacular. It was busy and the ice-cream van was doing a roaring trade.

In the Paphos Forest, Cyprus
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Pafos Rock Tombs and Archaeological Park Mosaics, Cyprus

We hadn’t been to the Tombs of the Kings or to see the floor mosaics in Paphos during the times our friend, Kathy had been over to visit us in Cyprus so this April as she had a big move planned to start a new life on her return to UK, we decided it was time to do just that….

A few photos here below to whet your appetite if you haven’t been there yet! It’s many years since we previously went to both sites ourselves and we were very surprised at how much more had been uncovered and the work undertaken on both projects.

Tombs of the Kings, Paphos, Cyprus. UNESCO Heritage Site

Tombs of the Kings, Paphos, Cyprus

Lighthouse at Paphos archaeological park by the harbour

Lighthouse & Coastal View from Pafos Archaeological Park

Large Tomb with Columns
Tombs of the Kings, Paphos

Rock Tombs at Tombs of the Kings UNESCO Heritage Site, Paphos
Tombs of the Kings, Paphos

Visitors Centre and Information – Pafos Archaeological Park
Pafos Archeological Park - April 2014

Anyones’ Guess….
Pafos Archeological Park - April 2014

Just one of the many floor mosaics at the House of Dionysos
Pafos Archeological Park - April 2014

More photos of Tombs of the Kings here on CyprusPictures Flickr account.

More photos of Pafos Archaeological Park here on CyprusPictures Flickr account.


I’m getting a little scared, Paphos is becoming popular…

It’s quite amazing really to think we’ve been living on a permanent basis in Cyprus for more than 10 years now and yet I can probably count the number of occasions we’ve stayed overnight in Paphos on the fingers of one hand!

Suddenly, it seems to be on our list of places to go….

We were there for a single night in November last year (2013) while we had family visitors over from Sydney, Australia but only for a short duration so it was a bit of a whirlwind tour of Cyprus for them. We stayed at the Dionysos Central Hotel on the corner of Poseidonias Avenue near to the seafront (almost opposite Pizza Hut). See below (centre back in the photo…

Dionysos Central Hotel, Paphos

Dionysos Central Hotel, Paphos

Then just last month (April) we had a friend over from UK for a couple of weeks “Miss Kathy” – you may have seen reference to her in some of my other posts. So off we went again and stayed just one night at The Annabelle Hotel (a beachfront hotel) and listed as a 5 star hotel in Paphos.

I’m not entirely convinced of the 5 star rating but it was very pleasant overall and we had an interesting experience there exploring tombs – outside of the hotel, in the hotel grounds and surprisingly, also beneath the hotel foundations!

And now it looks like we’re heading westwards again!

We’re off to an amazing first event which I understand will be repeated each weekend for the near future.
Trust me, this news for Cyprus is BIG!

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